Champion Plastering, Stucco & Stone, Providing Commercial and Residential Service And Featuring Stucco Over Siding, Licensed and Insured

Licensed and Insured

Stucco Exteriors – Versatile, Durable, & Virtually Maintenance Free

For centuries stucco exteriors have enhanced the beauty of buildings around the world.  Stucco is versatile, durable and aesthetically appealing.  When you are looking for a virtually maintenance free exterior for your Colorado home or commercial building, stucco offers numerous options.

Your Choice of Colors & Textures

In Colorado stucco exteriors are highly desirable. They are long lasting, impact resistant, and perform well in the Colorado, mountain desert climate.  Stucco exteriors offer a rich finish and are available in a large choice of textures, from smooth to coarse, and colors from light to dark.  As a matter of fact, Champion Plastering can recreate almost any color from your sample.  Combined with stonework, stucco offers a look of elegance that isn’t found with other siding options.

Benefits of Stucco

High Quality Stucco Products

Champion Plastering prides itself on using only the finest products in the industry which is why they use La Habra, Senergy, and Omega stucco products. Depending on the work needed, they offer both regular (or original) stucco and acrylic stucco products.  Acrylic stucco products offer better color consistency and are more flexible which is perfect for Colorado where expansive soils can cause settling cracks.  Acrylic stucco also makes it easier to match colors for future repair work.  All stucco work performed by Champion Plastering comes with their one year warranty.       

Champion Plastering – No Job Is Too Small    

The experienced craftsmen at Champion Plastering have been working with home owners and home builders to bring the beautifying look of stucco to new construction, home remodeling projects and commercial construction.  For Champion Plastering, no job is too small.  As a partner in your project, Champion Plastering is committed to coming in on budget and on time.  Customer satisfaction is their number one priority.

Getting Started on Your Stucco Project

To get started on your stucco project, call or contact us for a free price quote.  Or, make an appointment to come into the Champion Plastering showroom where you will have the opportunity to experience the endless combinations of stucco colors, textures and stonework options that are available.





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