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Licensed and Insured

Expert Stucco & Stonework Repairs

Stucco and stonework has been popular in Colorado Springs since the late nineteenth century.  Both historic homes and homes built today enjoy the benefits of stucco and stone exteriors.  While regular maintenance of stucco can help to prevent significant damage and costly repairs, expansive soils in Colorado can cause a home to shift and stucco to crack.  Additionally, water that makes its way behind stucco can cause the stucco to deteriorate.  And then, accidents do happen.

When they do, you can count on the experts at Champion Plastering to provide professional stucco and stone repairs.  The craftsmen at Champion Plastering have extensive experience with both historic building stucco and stone repairs as well as modern day homes and office buildings.  No stucco repair job is too small.

To get a price quote for your stucco repair needs, call or contact us today.


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